I Only Make the Same Mistake Twice

Embarrassed Pink

Have you ever told yourself after a mini or major disaster that you will never allow that to happen again? (I will go ahead and assume that you’re human and that you answered affirmatively.) So have I, numerously. No matter how many times I try to reiterate it into my thick skull I always end up making the same mistake twice.

Well, I’m not that stupid. Occasionally I can get it right. But, it’s not like that tidbit is, in any way, redeeming.

I realize that a few apt people have that particular portion of their problems figured out. And if by chance you are that person feel free to enlighten me with your rare and coveted wisdom.

Anyway, I’m that type of person who feels the inexplicable need to create useless lists. So I found myself making yet another one titled ‘Never Again’. Even though I know that writing it down will not serve any purpose besides forcing myself to relive the embarrassment at least I will be able to have a chuckle at myself in the future. Hopefully.

I will share a few examples of my own entries because, to be honest, I have little dignity left in me to protect.

The entries range from silly things such as, ‘I will never again let myself consume an entire chocolate bar in one sitting.’ To more embarrassing flubs like, ‘I will never again walk into a department store dressing room without knocking...’

If you were reminded of your own low moments then I would love to see what special kind of idiot you can be by sharing your experience.

– RJ

Credit for drawing- Breanna Rose